Stéphane Akkaoui

Stéphane is an entrepreneur with 15 years of technical expertise. After graduating from INSIA in 2008, he founded several tech companies : Sociabliz in 2008, Envouthé in 2011, Chalandiz in 2012, Moonshot Analytics in 2015, Good Terms & Commodat in 2020, Vimlyfe in 2021.

After Sociabliz was acquired by the Acticall group, a customer relations expert, Stéphane was Director of Operations at TSC, the group’s digital agency, between 2013 and 2018. He was managing the agency’s project delivery, as well as the project management, design and development teams. He then built and managed the Acticall/Sitel group’s R&D cell, which was tasked to work around Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Virtual Reality and Blockchain.

He also loves 🏔

Vincent Gabou

Vincent is a Supélec & UCL (London) graduated engineer specialized in development (2011). After working for a tech startup called Stribe, he was recruited by Stéphane in 2012 and joined Sociabliz.

With 10 years of experience around Ruby & Ruby on Rails (mainly, but not exclusively), Vincent is a proficient Full Stack developer who knows all the ins and outs of a web application. His polyvalence lead him to become a Technical Director at TSC in 2016, and later in the Acticall/Sitel group’s R&D cell in 2018, where he managed a small development and data-science team.

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What Makes Us Unique

Trust is at the core of our work ethic. When you choose to work with us, we want you to feel like you can trust us fully, both in our technical ability and as humans. We also want to feel the same towards you.

Our clear-cut methodology is our stepping stone for building that trust. Once your idea is fleshed out and the project specifications are written (with or without Forever Bije included in this process), we will provide you with a detailed development planning. It will contain estimates for every part of the project, development milestones, testing phases, and production deployment. As the project advances, we will provide frequent updates, with an iterative approach, to make sure our visions are aligned at all times. Eventually, we will write a technical documentation/user guide and ensure that your team understands/can make use of everything we’ve developed before we consider our collaboration complete.

During development, we strongly believe in the importance of Unit Testing to make sure everything that we code is in accordance with the specifications. It takes a bit longer to ship code, but it gives us (and more importantly, you) the confidence that everything works now, and that future developments will be possible without the fear of unwanted breaking changes.

We are preferably looking for projects with an impact (social, environmental, etc.) because we believe the more help we can bring to the community, the better.”

Forever Bije was initially created to give a framework to the activities of Stéphane and Vincent. Depending on the size of your project, we can also leverage a network of trustworthy and talented freelancers with years of experience working together, whom we consider part of our team.

Forever Bije is the holder of the French Agrément au Crédit Impôt Innovation (an innovation-related tax credit certificate). If you are a French organization, you can include our invoices in your CII expenses, and get additional tax returns from our collaboration.”

Our Timeline

We've been working together since 2012, phew.

Sociabliz was a social agency co-founded by Stéphane. Gabou stumbled upon a segment about 'modern agencies' on national television featuring Sociabliz and sent an application (100% unsolicited). True story.



May 2012 - May 2014

After Sociabliz was acquired by TSC (The Social Client) in 2014, Stéphane became CTO and Vincent Lead Developer.



June 2014 - December 2015

In 2016, TSC's structure evolved and the 'Studio', gathering development, design & project management skills, was created. Stéphane took the lead of this Studio, and Gabou became CTO.



January 2016 - December 2017

Novagile was a sister company of TSC. Stéphane & Gabou moved there to create the Acticall/Sitel group's R&D cell, with missions around Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Virtual Reality & Blockchain. Stéphane was the head of that cell, and Gabou its CTO.



January 2018 - January 2019

Gabou & Stéphane co-founded Forever Bije to have more freedom in the projects they choose to work on, a more diversified range of clients, more flexibility, and fun.


Forever Bije

2019 - Now

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