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A sample of our work with cool clients :)

Our Expertise

Fullstack Web Dev

After 10+ years of a fruitful love story with Ruby and its framework Ruby on Rails, we are happy to call ourselves experts in web development. Tell us your needs, we will architecture & code them.

Flesh Out Your Ideas

If you have an idea, we can help you deconstruct it in parts, write the specifications, and establish a development planning with milestones & time estimations. So you always know what’s ahead

Devops Engineering

We have managed many web apps with different configuration & hosting setups. We can help you in a variety of sysadmin areas: deployment automation, cache management, system monitoring, upscaling etc.

Hire Tech Profiles

We can help you screen candidates (potential detection, risk assessment) or find the right technical profile according to your team’s organization & needs

M&A Project Support

We have run technical audits (post due diligence) on web/software companies within the scope of M&A projects (code quality, security, technical cost of a potential merger, team organisation, etc.)

Document Write-Up

If you are audited, applying for a specific certification (e.g. the French CIR/CII), or need a technical assessment, we can help you provide high-level technical document write-ups.

What Makes Us Unique

Trust is at the core of our work ethic. When you choose to work with us, we want you to feel like you can trust us fully, both in our technical ability and as humans. We also want to feel the same towards you.

We are preferably looking for projects with an impact (social, environmental, etc.) because we believe the more help we can bring to the community, the better.

Forever Bije is the holder of the French Agrément au Crédit Impôt Innovation (an innovation-related tax credit certificate). If you are a French organization, you can include our invoices in your CII expenses, and get additional tax returns from our collaboration.

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Achievements Unlocked

We're usually not the bragging type, but here are some stats we're proud of.


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What You'll Say

Jérémy Kenigsman

Co-Founder & CTO at Simplébo

From day one, working with Forever Bije was a rewarding choice. When Stéphane & Vincent work on code, they are just meticulous and methodical enough for the project to move forward without new technical debt. What they brought to Simplébo is not just about code, but also about business. We have now better foundations and our tech team has been unleashed :D

Gilles Vallier

Co-Founder at Carbon Target

The Carbon Target project would have never seen the light of day without Forever Bije. They have been both flexible to adapt to the project's changes of direction, and proactive to share their experience in UI/UX to make the product better. And they're also pretty cool.

Baudouin de Pontcharra

Co-Founder at Chalandiz

It's always a great pleasure to work with the Forever Bije team. We've been working with them for several years, on various projects, but mainly on our platform dedicated to retail (major developments & maintenance). The strong relationship we have built over the years will certainly last a long time.

Matthieu Lamarque

Lead Developer at Nanotrust

Forever Bije is a highly experienced team, the work they deliver does justice to that statement. They were responsible for the development of one of ours applications, from scratch. They are quick to respond and good with communicating the project's progress. I can recommend them for the quality of their work.

Edouard Dognin

CTO at Ecov

Our collaboration with Forever Bije has been very effective. Their responsiveness and flexibility to adapt to our needs and schedule have been a major asset in the success of this project without impeding the progress of our functional roadmap.


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